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Integral Type Certification Workshop

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Continuing Education Credit: 
24 MBTI® Master Practitioner CE's- US and Canada Only
Course Description: 

In this course you will experience and learn how to use the Berens CORE Method in coaching and and organization development work. You will learn to use and apply the popular and practical Temperament and Berens Interaction Styles lenses by themselves or in an integrated way to facilitate self-discovery and with applications for teams, leadership development, and personal mastery.

Each of these lenses brings different information to understanding yourself and others. They are easy for your clients to grasp and remember, making your work more sustainable.

The Why. Temperament tells us our deep motivations—Why We Do What We Do. The Integral Type approach to temperament describes core psychological needs, values and talents. It builds on David Keirsey’s integration of over 25 centuries of descriptions of patterns of human behavior.

The How. Berens Interaction Styles tells us how we interact with and influence others—How We Do What We Do. This lens addresses core psycho-physiological drives that express physically as well as emotionally. It bridges psychological type with DISC and Social Style models.

The What. The Cognitive Dynamics lens brings some very powerful information to the understanding of individual differences—What information accessing and evaluation processes we preference when we think about things. This lens stems from a deep understanding behind what the personality type code really stands for. It is based in the work of Carl Jung and the archetype work of John Beebe and gives us a map for shadow work as well as other applications.

With these lenses, you can improve your ability to identify best-fit type as well as gain applications to coaching, leadership, and teamwork. We give you the tools to get what you need.

-    Theory
-    Applications
-    Awareness

Integral Type and the CORE Method include and go beyond the InterStrength® Method.

In this blended learning course you will experience and learn how to use Integral Type and the Core Method to deliver workshops in a variety of lengths and formats in your coaching and organizational development work. Benefits of using this approach include:

•    Deep insights and multiple perspectives that foster development
•    Improved empathy, communication and interpersonal relationships
•    Enhanced team performance through appreciating differences
•    Powerful results

  The CORE Method involves

  1. The integration of multiple models or lenses that help us understand ways we are different and ways we are alike. These lenses provide windows on the whole of who we are and the various ways we have of making sense of the world. Each lens can be an entry point into helping individuals, teams and organizations understand and optimize diversity.
  2. The Self-Discovery Process that promotes awareness so we can make more conscious choices. This process can be used with personality instruments as additional data points or, when appropriate, without an instrument.
  3. Essential Elements about how to teach people to use the type lenses for development and to improve communication, relationships and organizations.

For end users, the goal of the CORE Method is to facilitate the most powerful interpersonal process available—perspective taking—while helping individuals develop the self-awareness to manage the tensions between their own interests, the interests of others, and the interests of the whole (team or organization).

For change agents, the goal of the CORE Method is to integrate multiple frameworks into a more complete view of the whole person and the contexts in which the person operates. Integral Type has the potential to address all our experiences -- internal, physical, cultural, and social.

This is a blended learning program with pre-work, an intense and fun classroom learning session, and post workshop requirements and exam.

24 MBTI® Master Practitioner CE's

Mindfully You: Leading from the CORE

A workshop for the leader in everyone. This workshop will complement any leadership development program as well as provide value for those not in official leadership roles.

Course Description: 

Everyone is a leader, if only of themselves. All leadership starts with self-leadership. Do you know what is at your CORE—your center of power that governs your actions? If you don’t know, then your CORE is running you. As a leader, you need to be managing yourself as well as those you lead.

We all have a constant core that is at the center of who we are. It has always been there even as it has evolved over time. Learn about your constant CORE:

Cognition—What information and evaluation processes do you tend to privilege and how do you tend to think about nearly everything?

Outlook—Where are you and where would you like to go? What is the theme and developmental path of your life?

Roots—What are your core psychological needs, values and talents? What needs are so essential to your existence that you will go to great lengths to get them met?

Expression—How do you tend to express yourself? How are you driven to interact with others? What is your natural energy and movement pattern?

In the process of mastering the CORE of your own self-leadership, learn about the CORE of others and how to better communicate with, relate to and lead them.

Your CORE consists of the essential aspects of hidden and often unclaimed goodness as expressed through talents, deep motivations, drives, and how you naturally think about things. Knowing your CORE will help you get yourself out of the way of leading others. It will help you identify talents and core drivers and nurture those talents to to fully engage them. You will. . . .

  • Help others bring all of who they are to to the workplace or wherever you lead.
  • Have a bigger impact in your own work and your life.
  • Leverage the benefits of conflicting viewpoints and appreciate the diversity in others.
  • Improve your ability to relate to people who are different from you.
  • Recognize and foster talents and core values for more engagement of those you lead.
  • Discover what stresses you and others and learn what to do about it.

The Mindfully You experience will help you reach your goals while staying in harmony with the constant core of who you are. Using the powerful CORE lenses of personality you will arrive at a deep understanding of yourself as well as of others. Each of these lenses reveals important information about yourself that you most likely have not had language to express. For some, these aspects have been denied and need to be reclaimed. Either way, it is a joyful, rejuvenating experience to find your CORE self.

Day one of this workshop covers Expression, the most easily observed aspect of your CORE, and includes Interaction Essentials for rapport and relationships. You will delve into not only knowing yourself, but also understanding others and their natural Interaction Styles. The practices for day one revolve around self-knowledge, making space for others and shifting the way you express yourself to better match the energy of those you are interacting with.

Day two takes you into your Roots. Those core needs and values that have been with you from the beginning and the talents that help you scratch the itch that the needs create. This is the heart of who we are, so you will learn more about your root essences as well as the root essences of those around you. This will open up a deep understanding of different perspectives, different talent agendas, and sources of conflict and stress. The practices for day two include identifying how your talents and core needs play out in situations of all kinds as well as interpersonal perspective shifting. We will end day two with an integration of finding your Root essence and how you naturally Express that essence.

Day three will start with an in-depth look at Cognition and you can see how you are inclined to think about things, your cognitive worldview, your developmental path, and your shadow side. It will give you a view of your typical Outlook and also a fresh outlook on your life. The practices for this day include identifying situations where you overuse some kinds of information and evaluation processes as well as ways you want to stretch into using those that are less comfortable. They will also include some beginning shadow work. We will end the day with an integration of how to use all of these CORE lenses separately or together in the practices you will be given in the workshop.

Expect to spend at least an hour in the evening doing some reading and reflective practices. To get the full benefit of the workshop, you will need to stay until the end, so please don’t plan on leaving early on day 3.

Fees include: a pre-workshop webinar, pre-workshop self-discovery exercises, workshop materials, processing by the facilitator of pre-work, continental breakfast, snacks, and ample break time for reflection and movement.

Workshop Materials include: The Mindfully You comprehensive binder with practices for you to use everyday and including four Understanding Yourself and Others booklets:

An Introduction to the 4 Temperaments, 4.0 (Roots)

An Introduction to Interaction Styles, 2.0 (Expression)

The Sixteen Personality Types—Descriptions for Self-Discovery (Outlook)

An Introduction to the Personality Type Code (Cognition)

Mindfully You: Mastering the CORE of Self-Leadership

A workshop for the leader in everyone. This workshop will complement any leadership development program as well as provide value for those not in official leadership roles.

The name of this workshop has been changed to Mindfully You: Leading from the CORE and can be found under the Leadership menu. It will still have a self-leadership focus and will be appropriate for individual development as much as for leadership development.  more »

Golden Shadow Workshop

Too many people die with their music still inside them.

                                                        —Oscar Wilde  more »

Interaction Essentials™ Workshop

An integral Typeworks workshop based on the exciting new book, by Linda Berens, Interaction Essentials: 3 Keys to Effective Relationships in the Workplace and Beyond.

Improve your communications and relationships at work and in your personal life.

Continuing Education Credit: 
6 MBTI Master Practitioner CEs